The team behind the Dutch Yellowtail

The founders of Kingfish Zeeland, Ohad Maiman, former VP of the Merhav Group, Kees Kloet of Silt Farm, and Hans den Bieman, Director of Sealand and former CEO of Marine Harvest, bring a unique and complimentary combination of hands-on Yellowtail farming, senior management in the Aquaculture field, and a diverse project development background. 

Christo du Plessis

General Manager – Zeeland Operations

Having trained as a Chartered Accountant, Mr. du Plessis gained experience in the agricultural industry as CFO at fast-growing companies and in specialist roles. Mr. du Plessis then spent 12 years at Abagold Limited, the largest land-based aquaculture operation in Southern Africa, first as CFO and then CEO. He joined Kingfish Zeeland in January 2019 as Head of Sales and Operations.

Production Team

Bram Rohaan

Production Manager

Fish play a central role in Mr. Rohaan's life; it started with angling, developed into keeping ornamental carp and eventually led to a career in the production of consumption fish in RAS. Bram earned an aquaculture degree from Wageningen University, and prior to joining Kingfish Zeeland worked for 3 years as the production manager for Atlantic Sapphire’s Langsand Laks (world’s first commercial land based grow-out for Atlantic salmon, based in Denmark). 

Sander Ruizeveld de Winter

Hatchery Manager

As the former R&D Manager of Zeeuwse Tong, Mr. Ruizeveld has gained hands-on expertise in the hatchery management and full life cycle of Lobsters, Oysters and Sole amongst other marine seafood species. Sander is a graduate of Wageningen University and is leading the team responsible for Kingfish Zeeland's Parent Stock Program and ongoing hatchery operations.

Quality Control & Certifications

Cees-Jan Bastiaansen

Mr. Bastiaansen holds a Master’s degree in Aquaculture (MSc) from Wageningen University, and during his Master thesis he focused on waste water treatment in RAS, by integrating and analysing various denitrification techniques. Prior to joining Kingfish Zeeland Mr. Bastiaansen has gained experience with various aquaculture species: tilapia (Indonesia), trout (The Netherlands) and Atlantic salmon (Canada). Cees-Jan leads Kingfish Zeeland's certification process and quality control measures. 

Sune Moeller

Head of Construction

Mr. Moeller have throughout his whole career worked on large capital investment projects within different industries and in different capacities. He has spent four years with Billund Aquaculture, prior to starting with Kingfish Zeeland, where he did engineering and project management for large smolt and grow-out salmon farms. These fish farmers were built by Customers such as SalMar and Atlantic Sapphire in both Europe and North America. Mr. Moeller has brought in thorough experience with innovative solutions along with an in-depth technical understanding of RAS systems from his time at Billund Aquaculture. This has enabled a continued development and optimization of the existing farming concept and processes.

Ricardo de Hoog

HR Manager/Coordinator New Construction

Former VP at HSBC’s Investment Banking division and prior to that a Senior Manager at KPMG’s Financial Advisory Team with significant experience in banking, M&A, capital raise (ECM, DCM, etc.) and other financial advisory services, as well as cross industry / broader experience, including F&B sector. Education: MBA, Tel Aviv University; BA in Accounting, Economics and Business Administration, Tel Aviv University; CPA

Patrick Voskuilen

Assistant-Production manager

An interest in animals is the basis for Mr. Voskuilen. As a Wageningen University graduate (MSc), Mr. Voskuilen has a background in animal production. In his study he focussed on metabolism and feeding of fish. During both his study and the past years at Kingfish Zeeland, Mr. Voskuilen has developed knowledge towards production of fish.

Przemysław Krajewski


After the graduation of his master degree in aquaculture Mr. Krajewski started his professional career in the first RAS farm in Europe, producing Yellowtail Kingfish (seriola lalandi). After this experience Mr. Krajewski moved on to growing several different species of algae for a few years in open systems and specially made fotobiorectors. At this moment he has returned to the first commercial sized landbased Yellowtail Kingfish farm, where he takes care for the fish health and their optimal growth.

Operations Manager

Jaqueline Naluyange

Mrs. Naluyange joined Kingfish Zeeland as Operations Manager in July 2019 and is leading the Processing & Packaging team. Before joining Kingfish Zeeland, Mrs. Naluyange worked within the aquaculture and food industry, recently as QEHS & Logistics Manager for Billund Aquaculture USA, including project management functions in Danish and British based companies. 


Mrs. Naluyange was born in Uganda but raised in Denmark, and she holds a Master’s in Change Management and a Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).



Sophie van Hoven

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Mrs. van Hoven graduated in 2015 as a Bachelor of Business Administration. Mrs. van Hoven started working in the hospitality business for 3 years, which brought her to this new challenge as an Office Manager/Executive Assistant of the managing directors. The many tasks she is performing every day makes her job diverse and challenging.

Janneke van der Linde


Whichever way you look at it: a switch from the notarial profession to fish is quite unusual. Not hindered by any knowledge of fish in general, or Dutch Yellowtail in particular, Mrs. van der Linde-Kikkert has been involved with Kingfish Zeeland from the very beginning and has witnessed and participated in all steps the company has taken to date, while hopefully many more to follow. She started as an office manager, but soon grew into sales and marketing: another switch, and an exciting one too. It offers the opportunity to satisfy a relentless hunger and curiosity for new, for her, unknown areas.

Sales/Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Petra Ruiter

Ms. Ruiter has been working for Kingfish Zeeland B.V. since January 2018. She started as an office manager and sales support. In her current position, she is responsible for all aspects of sales, logistics and supply chain management. Ms. Ruiter is educated in hotel management, business communication, sales and PR. Ms. Ruiter has previously held positions as account manager purchasing & sales, project coördinator logistics in heavy cargo shipping. In recent years she has also had 2 companies under her own management. Her switch to fish farming is a surprising but very good choice.



A  Oost-Zeedijk 13  

    4485 PM Kats, the Netherlands



T +31 (0) 113 74 54 61




Oost-Zeedijk 13  

4485 PM Kats, the Netherlands



+31 (0) 113 74 54 61

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